Who are we?

The Union of Designers in Belgium (UDB)


Union of Designers in Belgium (udb) is the only recognized professional union in Belgium of: Interior architects and designers, Graphic designers, Product and Industrial designers, but also
the new designer’s activities like Service designers, Webdesigners, Interactive designers, Business designers. We cover transversal fields also like global design, ecodesign and design for all.

We are active under our current name since 1981.


udb insures a permanent link between the designers, end users, companies and public institutions. udb is the guarantee of a professionalism answering the numerous expectancies of social and economical life.

UDB creation. The association as a co-founder of the BEDA. The UDB as a national professional association. Its role in the title protection of intellectual professions in the service industry.

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The Association | Structure


The UDB is administered by a management committee, which is made up of effective members elected during biannual general meetings. The management committee can be re-elected every two years and is responsible for daily operations. Within the management committee a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer are elected.


Composition of the Executive Board



André-Yves Coenderaet-Poels




Gauthier Burny




Michael Cravatte


The Association | History


The Union of Designers in Belgium (UDB) is a professional association of interior architects, interior designers, graphic designers and product developers. It was ratified on 28 October 1980 by decision of the Council of State. The UDB is a free and independent association unrelated to any political or public institutions. It is also financially independent.


The UDB is a founding member of the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA), which includes some 30 associations. In compliance with BEDA recommendations, the UDB groups together numerous professions from the design world in a single association:


Interior architects and interior designers, the creators of all that is connected to the interior decoration of private and corporate premises or of the public sector.

Graphic designers, the creators of visual communication, brand images and graphic presentations.

Product developers and industrial designers, the creators of outfitting and consumption goods as well as mass-produced products.

Textile designers, the designers of carpets, wall coverings and fabrics.


In order to strengthen its national position as an association, the UDB grouped together members of the following professional associations in 1980:


The Professional Association of Interior Architects (BVB), headquartered in Antwerp

The Professional Union of Industrial Designers of Belgium (UID), headquartered in Brussels

The Association of Belgian Colour Advisors (VBKA), headquartered in Antwerp


As a result of the dissolution of the Belgian Chamber of Graphic Artists (CBG), graphic designers also joined the UDB.


Since 3 July 2006 the UDB has been an official national professional association. It has its seat in sector commission 14, the technical professions of the High Council for the Self-Employed and SMEs (HRZKMO) and has two representatives in the advisory body.


On 26 December 2006 the UDB submitted a request to Minister Sabine Laruelle for title protection for its interior architects. Interior, graphic and product designers will also benefit from title protection.

The Association | Objectives


What can you expect from the UDB?


The UDB is a professional association aimed at the study, promotion, protection and development of the professional, moral and material interests of its members and of the profession in general. To this end the association launches various initiatives.


How to become a UDB member

The UDB is made up of effective members, novice members, honorary members and partner members. In order to become an effective member the designer is to:


accept UDB statutes;

be in the possession of a degree issued by an institution recognised by the UDB or submit a file proving that they are active and up-to-date in the profession;

be admitted by the management committee.


Only effective members have voting rights during general meetings.


Candidate members will be given the opportunity to become a starter member for five years before becoming effective members to count as from the end of their studies.


The title of honorary member is bestowed on those persons who due to their notoriety, advice and expertise, contribute to the achievement of UDB goals.


Partner Members are schools, organisations and companies interested in the UDB, which support its activities.


Vous trouverez ici des informations sur la diversité, l’exercice de la profession et les règles déontologiques des designers de l’UDB.




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